Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Liberal Democrats have taken to using the term "progressive" to describe themselves and their policies. Now, understand that I am not in the least interested in attacking these people as disingenuous or as harboring any evil intent. I truly believe that they feel the term is an accurate and genuine descriptor of their ideology. It struck me, this morning as I read a quote from an article by Bob Tyrell, that it is the conservatives in this country that are the true progressives. I realize the terms seem to be in complete opposition, but let me explain.

Progress is the moving forward toward a positive goal. It could be argued that the term "conservative" means the resistance to change. If change were always the "moving forward toward a positive goal", it would certainly mean that conservatives would be in opposition to progress. This is, apparently the context in which progressives (liberals) tend to view the two words. The problem with this view is that the term "positive goal" is subjective. What some people think is positive, others find objectionable.

Today, we find America embroiiled in a controversy regarding the appointment of judges to our nation's courts. Democrats are doing everything they can to block certain judicial nominations from being brought to a vote. The level of the obstruction of these nominees is unprecedented. Democrats are doing this because they feel the nominees will interpret the law in a manner they feel is regressive. They feel the country has proceeded toward this day in a progressive manner and that it should continue in that direction. The appointment of strict constructionists or judges with strong moral or religious temperaments would be antithetical to those progressive ideals.

The moral and political climate of the country's electorate is changing, however. The country as a whole is moving toward the center. This is evidenced by the "redness" of the political map and by the "Republicanization" of our elected officials. Few would argue that fact, since the population of both houses of the legislature is predominantly Republican as is that of the presidency and a majority of the legislatures of the states. As a conservative, I would argue that this is progress.

The people are progressing toward a more conservative allignment. The views of our elected officials are following suit. The positions in the judiciary are appointments. They are not elected by the people but, rather, are appointed by the elected officials. For this reason, in terms of the flow of ideology from the more liberal electorate of the past to the more conservative electorate of the present (and future, I believe), the judiciary is the slowest to move and the last to follow suit. As the country moves to the right, it is the judiciary which is clinging to the ideology of the past; resistant to the ideas that have won the electorate over in much of the country; conserving the ideas of a previous electorate.

I do not begrudge the minority party it's attempts to hold onto that which they think is best for the country nor do I feel that this process is anything but good, in the strictest "checks and balances" sense. I do feel that it is doomed to failure and that the enmity which results will further dampen the cooperative climate between the two parties. This is also inevitable and perhaps good for the country.

It may even be progressive.


Hawkeye® said...

Good one Beerme! Made me thirsty just thinkin' about all that political stuff though....

Ich trinke ein Pils fur Sie!

(Seriously though, good article)

Best regards,

Beerme said...

Thanks, buddy!
I attended the World Expo of Beer yesterday at Frankenmuth, Michigan. There were thirty or more breweries there, and bands and lots of fun.
Duke Tomato and The Power Trio were awesome!
I might have drank a beer or two, as well!

Beerme said...

BTW, Here is the website for the Expo. This was their tenth year! Make plans for next year. A good time, guaranteed!


Also, check out this site for the Annual Michigan Summer Beer Festival. It is a premier beer festival, focusing on the Michigan microbreweries.


camojack said...

Hey! Here's a link to a most excellent blog:
Post regarding "progressives" and conservatives

Beerme said...

Thanks, Camojack!

I liked it so much I posted there.

camojack said...

Thanks, Camojack!
I liked it so much I posted there.

You're most welcome; I t'ink it's an excellent site.

See you 'round da blogosphere!

MargeinMI said...

Good thoughts here. I hope you're right about this being the beginning of the shift to the right. The Lefties are SO 'out there' it's hard to imagine the bulk of the Dem party jumping off the cliff with them. However, with Dean as party chairman, will more moderate voices be heard? Probably not, especially when the Hitlery Band Wagon starts up. Ugh.

Also, off topic but you're in the neighborhood: I've noticed a proliferation of ticks already this year! I've NEVER had to pick one off my dog in seven years. So far this year, one out of the dog's ear, one out of the boy's neck, and one off of my arm. Be warned!

Beerme said...

Wow, we went from politicians that suck to blood sucking insects. Maybe that's not such a great leap?

I do think Dean and the far left of the party will shove the rest of the party right. You're already seeing signs of Hillary looking to exploit that right-shift, when you hear her talk about praying over things and being supportive of the war/troops.

I will keep Hillary's true nature in mind this year and next, just as I will take your advice and watch out for the ticks! I almost never see 'em around here. When I lived in Virginia, my mom used to check us head to toe every night before bed.

MargeinMI said...

Politicians and blood sucking insects, it's all realtive. Heh.

Hopefully, with the Web gaining credibility each day, Hitlery's past disgressions won't be swept under the carpet. But who knows? The Swifties were maybe too late coming out with their message; maybe things would be different even today with the 'downfall' of the lsm (can't even capitalize anymore it's so sad).

Seriously about the ticks though. I used to work 'in the field' literally. Crossing ditchlines, walking through all kinds of brush, etc. (Just for y'all's amusement: I was driving down a country road one day, and felt an itch. I looked down my shirt and saw a tick in my cleavage! YOWZZAAAAAAAAA! Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic!) I've NEVER seen ticks like this before! I'm going to the Michigan DNR site to see if there's any alerts out.

Keep on bloggin' buddy!

MargeinMI said...

Oh my. Have I said too much?

MargeinMI said...

Went to the Michigan DNR site. Not alerts, but there is a form you can print out and send a specimen for testing. I'll have to capture one of the little blood suckers and send it in!

MargeinMI said...

That is, 'no' alerts. nite all

Beerme said...

Well I wish I had been on the blog last night, instead of just...drinking beer! I'm sure I could have had some kind of snappy rejoinder to that post about the tick on the country road, Marge-hehehe!

Seriously, though, I hardly ever see any ticks here. So if you're seeing alot, there must be some kinda anomaly in the tick population this year.

If I was a Farmer's Almanac type, I'm sure I could tell you that this means a dry, wet, hot or cold summer, but I just don't know which...

Funny story, though. My wife used to have a large mole on the front of her shoulder. She has since had it removed. We were vacationing in Virginia a few years ago and swimming in a park swimming pool (Breaks Interstate Park- a place the natural beauty of which is breathtaking-and a young boy looked at her and tugged on his momma's shirt and said, "Mommy, look at the size of that tick"! It wasn't long after that the appointment was made to remove the mole...