Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Day for Americans

The defeat of the Shamnesty Bill was a great victory for all Americans. This nation could ill afford-just economically-another Bush-Kennedy collaboration! And this one would have far-outdistanced the NCLB previous collaboration in both monetary costs and the costs associated with decreased security. The efforts of thousands of conservative bloggers and activists defeated this bill, make no mistake. "Kill Bill 2, the sequel" was launched by grassroots conservative organizations and individual bloggers. Just one such group, "Grassfire .org",
made millions of contacts to the Senate.

Grassfire actions included:
  • Presenting nearly 750,000 petitions to key Senate leaders
  • Over one million contacts with Senators including:
  • Personal visits to Senate offices
  • Hundreds of thousands of phone calls - contributing to a complete overload shutdown of the Senate phone system
  • Hundreds of thousands of faxes.
And that is just one group dedicated to winning this battle. There were many more. I thank them all. Heck they even convinced Debbie Stabenow to vote against the bill!

I see an awakening of the people occurring in this country. We don't trust what politicians tell us anymore, whether they be Democrats or Republicans. We won't get fooled again, again! Bush tried to ram this incredibly expensive (in all ways) measure down the throats of the electorate, arm-in-arm with his politico-pal, Ted Kennedy and we shoved back! There's no limit to what a fired up grassroots group can do when they want to. What's next on the agenda?