Saturday, August 20, 2005


Today is my twenty-second anniversary. I married a beautiful and imminently sensible woman on August 20, 1983. She accepted me for what I am and for what I could become and NEVER tried to change me a bit. This in spite of the fact that I really do need some changing. Alice is the best thing that ever happened to me and I cherish the life we've built together.

We have raised two sons over the past twenty-one years and they have turned out alright, by all accounts. One is working as an entry level engineer in a high-tech manufacturing business and the other is about to enter college this fall. Both are strong, intelligent and good-looking kids (they take after their mother).

I remember well the day we stood on the lawn in Roseville, Michigan, at her mother's house, and said our vows. It was indeed a happy day for us both. We've both changed considerably since then. Much of life is about how you deal with things as they come at you and this requires change. Of course my love for her has done nothing but grow. I actually love her more now than I ever could have when we spoke those vows long ago. This love has been tempered in a crucible of difficulties, experience, trials and tribulations. It has also been strengthened by the cool waters of joy, success, maturity and exuberance. (Hey, a sword analogy is romantic, isn't it?)

Marriage is a tough bargain. It requires a selflessness that few young people can employ. It requires a duality of purpose, rather than a drive for selfish gain. The rewards one gets from the right partner are immeasurable. I couldn't recommend it to everyone, but as for me, it has been the most profitable exchange of my life.

On this special day for Alice and me, I would like to wish all of you the happiness that we share!


Kajun said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sounds like you've become "best friends". That's what it takes to make a marriage work.

Beerme said...


You've got that right!
I could have entitled that post, "People let me tell you 'bout my best friend".

Anonymous said...

To Mr.and Mrs.Beerme

Congtatulations and Happy Anniversary!
(Please forgive the delay)

Maggie said...

I changed my name back to Maggie.Anonymous seemed so vague.

Beerme said...

Thanks, Anon-, er, Maggie!

We had a great day and last week we vacationed. Now I gotta go back to work : (

Hawkeye® said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Good people deserve good things. God bless you.

MargeinMI said...

Happy Anniversary, you lucky, lucky man!

Beerme said...

Thank you everyone. I was so overwhelmed with joy at reaching this milestone, I had to share it with you all.

Thanks again!

camojack said...

(Sorry I missed it...)

Libby Gone™ said...

Many Happy Returns!