Friday, November 25, 2005

Lions Eaten at Colliseum!

OK, it wasn't at the Colliseum, but the Lions were eaten by the Falcons yesterday. I liken the Lions performance in this critical game to the Democrats' ideas of how to conduct a difficult campaign against insurgents in Iraq. Just give up, it's a debacle! Well, they tried some changes to make it look like they wanted to win but almost no results accrued. A different quarterback makes little success when he is "protected" by the same, lame offensive line. Michael Vick, the Zarqawi of the Falcons, was emboldened by this cut-and-run strategy to tromp accross the filed as though he was playing the football equivalent of the New York Nationals/Washington Generals of the NFL. Itwas no contest.

Steve Mariucci, the John Kerry of the Lions (has successfully engaged other enemies in other conflicts, but seems hellbent to failure in this one), continued his practice of having his quarterback pass for eight yards when they need ten for the first down. Perhaps he was listening to Jack Murtha (the offense was placed in an over the horizon position-but ready to strike when needed)?

My favorite moment of the game was when, after the crowd began filing out of the stadium in the early fourth quarter, Aikman commented that the crowd was leaving but they were leaving "a great stadium"! That was hilarious! It doesn't hurt a fan when the commentator lets them know that, while they have a worthless team, they DO have a nice stadium. I guess that comment was done for PR purposes. After all, the Super Bowl, an event the Lions have never attended, will be held at Ford Field in January. Lions owner, William Clay Ford, really knows how to build a stadium, if not a team.

Well, anyway the food was great-thanks to my lovely wife, the incomparable Mrs. Beerme-and the beer was great-thanks to me-so the entire day wasn't lost. The Red Wings will play today in an attempt to regain some of the lost respect of the hometown fans.


MargeinMI said...

I shouldn't even comment, as I could care less about football, but that being said, I do feel for the fans.

But hey, look at the bright side, as you mentioned the beautiful stadium they'll never get to play the Superbowl in, and don't forget those snazzy new jerseys! They'll at least LOOK GOOD as they go down in flames, and that's all that really counts anyways. Right?

Oh, and OPGHNH, what else can you say.

Beerme said...


I'll assume your word for verification was OPGNHNH? When I commented on another blog the other day, my word was IMHIS. Either it was appropriate for a Christian or it should have been given to my wife!

I hated to go to this word verification thing but once you start getting spammed, it doesn't quit! I got five "posts" in two days from something called "cord blood bank", eeeyew!

camojack said...

Have I told you about my cord blood bank blog? NO?! Prob'ly 'cause I ain't got one.

On topic, sort of, we Eagles fans are feeling none too fanatical these days either...