Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bliss Defined

I have spent the last twenty-three years married to a wonderful person. She is my very best friend and the love of my life. I know how lucky I am to have fallen into this rare condition. All around me are the pratfalls of my friends and co-workers, who fall victim to temptation and the simple problems of cohabitation, yet here I stand still married and happy after twenty-three years!

My wife is a hard-working, loving woman. She raised two young men to maturity with great facility (some might say three...). She worked most of those years at a full time job, as well as the overtime involved in keeping a home. Good cook, sweet companion, marvelous lover and thoughtful confidant: she's a keeper!

To add to all this, she has done it while living with a narcissistic, ponderous, ne'er-do-well, like me! My God! The woman's a saint!

Wish me a Happy Anniversary if you would, but I really don't think I need it...I married up, you see.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.May you have many, many more.
Mrs Kajun

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I am a day late. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both.
Mrs Kajun

Beerme said...

Thanks, Mrs. Kajun! I really appreciate it!

camojack said...

Happy Anniversary...and many more.

Beerme said...



MargeinMI said...

Happy Anniversary from me too. I've a hunch that appreciating one another is one of the keys to a happy marraige.

Beerme said...

Thanks, Marge!
I've a hunch you're right!