Saturday, October 28, 2006

Michigan's Choice-Update

I guess I wasn't actually done with my rant because I am compelled to return and post this addendum. Has anyone noticed that the one thing Devos hasn't talked about in this campaign, regarding Michigan's economic woes, is the proverbial eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room? I'm talking about unions. Michigan is lousy with 'em and they control this economy and the politics of this state like few others.

Jobs are leaving the state by the truckloads-non-union, over-the-road-carriers, to be more specific. All because the unions have made doing business in Michigan a losing proposal. Ask any Democrat what he hates about Devos and he'll say he's a union-busting Right To Work candidate. Well, then. Why doesn't Devos admit it and point out the obvious to Granholm and her Dem/union flunkies when they attack him? It is them and their philosophy which has dragged this state and the auto industry into the poor house.

OK, I feel much better, now.


Anonymous said...

Your post is another example of the problems caused by capitalism.

I tried to have an open mind and visited the Mr. Right blog (from your links section) but it sounded too much like Mr. Always Right to me.

Anyway I've replied to your comment over at my blog:

camojack said...

Speaking as a union member...I'll just keep it to myself.

But seriously, I understand that there are many abuses, although without unions a lot of workers (unionized or not) would have far less protections (and paid holidays!) than they do now...

Beerme said...


I commented on your response to my post on your blog. As far as problems caused by capitalism, the global economy is experiencing some growing pains. Outmoded systems will be absorbed by the system and transformed. I prefer the automated, impersonal, systemic forces of the market to human-sourced, biased, emotionally-based political solutions any day.

Mr. Right is always right, by the way (just kidding, of course).


Unions have done much good for workers but lately they have become another bloated bureaucracy that exists more for their own service than for their workers. I'll bet your union spends a whopping majority of its money on political expenditures at the expense of the things they should spend their money on (like contract talks, arbitrations, training, etc.)Not to mention the corruption component which is capably displayed by this Blog

camojack said...

I've written about it myself:
It's my Party, and I'll cry if I want to...Part I
It's my Party, and I'll cry if I want to...Part II

MargeinMI said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Absolutely and Indeed.

The birth of unions in this country was a necessary thing at the time. Where they're at today, however, is at the other swing of the pendulum. They've monied themselves right out of the market (in MI at least). Not to mention, they protect the least of the workers and punish/hold back the best. Hmmmm, kinda reminds me of somthing......

Beerme said...


Doesn't it grind your gears when the obvious is completely ignored by both candidates at the debates and during the entire pre-election campaign? Even in the final week, when Devos finally pulled out his attacks against her for her responsibilities concerning Selepak, et. al., he still didn't approach this issue.

Unions are the third rail of politics in Michigan...