Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Opposite of Loser is...

There have been several years of US activity in Iraq for the public to criticize. Much of the criticism is entirely appropriate. Still, it seems that for the last couple of years the Democrat Party has based its entire party platform on the US losing the war. They say we have already lost, that it's become a civil war, that we need to withdraw because our presence is making matters worse, there, etc. All of their energy is focused on getting the US out of Iraq and accepting the military loss that they have already proclaimed. All this because...a US loss is a Bush/Republican loss.

Many snarky Republicans have said over the years that the Democrats want the US to lose in Iraq, and most reasonable people-me included- have said, "No. That can't be true." I think the jury is in on this one, though. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Monday that a strongly positive report on progress on Iraq by Army Gen. David Petraeus likely would split Democrats in the House and impede his party's efforts to press for a timetable to end the war. Good news on our progress from Petraeus would be "a real big problem for us", said the Congressman. Is Mr. Clyburn alone? I think not.

It is absolutely clear that leading Democrats do not want to see any good news coming from Iraq. Even if there is any good news, they'll go out of their way to dispute it. Witness our good friend and ABSCAM bribe ponderer, John (I support the troops!) Murtha
Murtha dismissed the claims of two longtime Iraq War critics who cite improvements in conditions in Iraq. Now if this was a considered, studied and intelligent refutation of flawed statements by the "longtime critics" of the war, I'd say agreeing or disagreeing with Mr. Murtha would be an individual choice, based upon one's opinion of the war and our progress. Since it was, rather, a knee-jerk reaction to some rare good news about the war, I'd say most of us should cry, "Bullshit"!

I don't know if the situation is actually getting better or if it's Global Warming that's assisting the lower death rates. I don't know if the situation in Iraq is stabler and safer as the Brookings Institute observers said, or if they were simply in the right place at the right time. I know what I want to see happen, though. I want to see things get better for the Iraqis and for the US. I want to see more stability and freedom in the Middle East. I want to see a group of sane nations stand up against insanity all around them. I want the US to win the peace in Iraq and then I want our troops to come home as the heroes they truly are.

That's the opposite of losing, in case any Democrats ask you how you'll know when we've won!


camojack said...

"The Opposite of Loser is..."

...NOT Democrat; that would be synonymous. said...



Beerman said...

Democrats are losers huh? Nice comment. Way to polarize. Remind me to never buy you a beer.

This is the problem with this country, if you don't agree with my view then you are a loser.

I agree that Democrats are running on the "let's get out of Iraq" platform. But when it comes down to actual doing anything they are toothless, they will do alot of barking but back down before doing anything about it.

I voted Democrat last time but only because of who was in office. I don't know if I will this time around. Let's face it, both sides are corrupt and basically stink up capitol hill. Big business runs things and politicians will cater to them until the profits they reap are outweighed by the votes they will lose.

Those outside the Hill look great until big business gets ahold of them. Witness McCain. I used to love McCain. Then he joined the "party" and he became their lapdog. Now he has lost his Maverickness and is toast.

As far as Iraq goes, I think that the Bush administration ought to be put in front of a firing squad for railroading us into the war. Witness Cheney's prescient speech about what a bad idea it was. Now he's the champion; it's sickening.

The surge appears to now be having a positive effect, but the Iraqis will never become an effective democracy and are in fact now basically useless. Even the Republicans admit this. So let me ask you guys, how long do we stay? I think it's a lost cause and was from day one. Personally I don't know what we should do, but should we have gone there in the first place? IMO no.

I think some of the Republican Senators are on the right track, start withdrawing troops until the Iraqi government steps up and does something.

Anyway I know you may not like the Daily Show but here is a clip that describes it all, I recommend it.

How's the brewing going beerme?

Beerme said...

I didn't say Democrats are losers, though most of the higher profile Democrats in Congress are losers. What I said was that they seem to want us to lose the war in Iraq. And the title is about answering the tired old rhetorical question Democrats seem to ask everyone who doesn't want to cut and run in Iraq: "How will we know when we've won?"

I wouldn't withdraw troops unless they weren't doing any good. It seems that they are, at present. At least I want them to win and hope for the best. Harry Reid and John Murtha want them to lose and call them criminals. They've said this war was lost for the past year-while our troops are over there fighting!

As I've said many, many times in the past, it was obviously a mistake to go to war, there, but WE ARE THERE! And so are the terrorists...What happens if you leave without finishing the job? I have two children of enlistment age and one is talking about doing it. I hope he doesn't but will be proud of him if he does.

I like the Daily Show, it's just not fair and balanced, that's all (heh-heh-heh). I'll check out the clip.

I brewed a very nice Kolsch last month and it's on tap, right now. I am supplying the beer for a friend's wedding tomorrow (a Belgian Red Ale and the Kolsch).
Hope they go over well...

Beerman said...


It was camkojack's comment about Dems being losers, not you. You seem like a decent conservative (not saying he isn't).

They have to start withdrawning troops soon, theyre burned out. Plus the Iraqis can't govern. All the surge is doing is pushing the violence around or making them go underground until it gets safer.

This whole Iraq thing is just not working and I don't think it ever had a chance. So what if we leave? It's like thy're gonna follow us home like Bush keeps telling us, what utter nonsense. We'll never completely pull out, we'll be there for a decade. It's time to pull the troop levels gradually down to about 50K and let the Iraqis take over or let it fall to shit.

You know that Bush is just dragging this out until he leaves office, then it won't be his fault. "See the Dems pulled the plug and this mess is now their fault!" I can hear it now.

Reid is a dweeb. Murtha I respect. I'm entirely not thrilled with the Democrats either. I may have to go green. I voted Green for the governer of Illinois in 2006 and Whitney got 14%, pretty good for a 3rd party. Although I really like Paul and Huckabee on your side, but I don't think a REEP has a snowball's chance of winning. Except, wait, they're up against the Dems who will somehow find a way to mess it up.

Oh and please pass the word to your party to be careful in bathrooms ;)