Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Craft Beer Explosion and Beer News Dot Org

OK. I have to say that the Craft Beer Scene is so large, so varied, so prolific and so terrific that I am officially overwhelmed by it. It's not just the numbers of excellent craft brewers that make the task of following them so nearly impossible but the quality and the variety which makes the task so much more essential, yet so much less probable. And that just takes into account the brewers in this country. Lately brewers across the pond have really been stirring up the competition by producing increasingly interesting and inventive beers. Nogne, Norrebro Bryghus, Mikkeller and De Proef, are just a few recently brought to my attention. Enough! I can't keep up!

I have usually focused on the Michigan brewers, here, along with the usual scratchings about my personal homebrewing, but I try to occasionally keep any readers up on what has recently caught my attention in craft brewing. I will continue to do that but in no way can I promise a good gauge of what is available to the craft beer consumer anymore. It is simply too overwhelming. I will offer a great resource, though, to those who love craft beer and want to try to keep up. It is called Beer News and you can add it to your google reader or other RSS service so you can get frequent updates on what's new. For instance today Beer News tells us about the new releases of Bells Hopslam, Founders Double Trouble and Troegs Nugget Nectar. How's that for some good news!

For a more in-depth treat, visit their RSS Info page for even more options for those interesting in getting the inside dope on new craft beer info, blogs, or just new beers. Go to the Craft Beer Index for a listing (and link to) every beer that has been discussed on the Beer News site over the past several months (It's huge!).

So leave the depressing news services alone and keep up with some optimistic news for a change: Beer News! It's delicious!


Brian said...

I think you bring up an excellent point in that the selection is so expansive right now that it's difficult to keep track of "who's brewing what" but also "who are they and what do they brew??". Which I guess you would call a good problem to have :)

It will be interesting to see what the world of craft brewing brings to us in the next year or so. I'm assuming that many newer craft breweries will either slash their product offering and/or fold under costs which just adds to this chapter of brewing history in a fascinating way. Knowing that the beer drinking population is growing very slowly, but that the craft brewing segment within those beer drinkers is making incredible headway will surely add to an interesting story.

Anyhow buddy, great read!

camojack said...

Y'know, you write a LOT about beer. I think you should write more about firkins...

Beerme said...

He-he-he! I think you're right!