Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Gold

There's new gold brewing at the Beerme residence! A newborn Belgian Golden Ale was created on Memorial Day and is happily gurgling away as I write this post. The pic I added will be especially recognized by any readers from the Great White North, as the beer store is the Ontario variety. Now that's my kinda rainbow!

Since Memorial Day, I have been doing very little blogging. I've been busy working in the yard and doing my honey-dos, as well as trying to get my fat ass back in shape. I started jogging again a few weeks ago and am finally up to a respectable two miles a day, at least three days a week. Now that's no marathon but it should keep my health a little more stable for my later years : )

I started running about twenty-two years ago and kept it up for at least twenty years, at the rate of a few miles a day, a few days a week. At my peak, in 1986, I ran a marathon in Detroit. For those who have done it, I offer this snippet of running wisdom: A marathon is evenly divided into two halves, the first twenty miles and the last six. It's true!

Being a longtime runner, and a long time drinker (I know, you're surprised at that one!), I've often thought of joining a Hash House Harrier club. The Hash House Harriers are a drinking club that runs! They have group runs and social activities including drinking, eating and singing (kinda like around the campfire). It always sounded interesting to me and I'm sure I'd fit in.

Do you think the H3 folks would like to have a brewer in their club? I'm betting I'd be their new bestest buddy! I'll post if I decide to take this plunge, but for now, I'm just a "lurker".

Here is a link to the world H3 website


MargeinMI said...

Good for you! Personally, I run like a girl, plus bad knees. You've certainly been blessed with some great weather for it!

Raising a toast to you!

Libby Gone™ said...

Funny pic Beerme, although I usually see rainbows after the party stores purchase is consumed LOL. Speaking of getting in shape, I need to step it up myself, Blogging hasn't helped much!

Beerme said...

Thanks! As far as bad knees go, does two arthroscopic operations count as bad?

libby gone™,

Blogging don't help but it cuts into the beer drinking time almost as much as the running LOL!