Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tough Luck Wings!

Well it wasn't to be for the Red Wings this year but it was a fine ride while it lasted. A tough loss in game 5, especially considering a bullshit penalty called on Datsyuk in the final minute that allowed the Ducks to score on the PP, just took the air out of the Wings. They lost it in OT and went on to a lackluster performance for two periods in game 6 which they finally lost as they ran out of time to tie the game. Give credit to the Anaheim Ducks for fighting every minute of that sixth game! The Wings did not play inspired hockey until it was too late.

Now I'm reduced to rooting for the Pistons. They've been pretty dominating in their NBA march to the Finals and now only need to win two more games against the Cleveland Cavaliers, to face off in the Eastern Conference Finals. As I've said before, it's tough being a sports fan in the Detroit area!

All of the Detroit fans want one thing more than any other this year, though, and that's a greatly improved Lions. I won't hold my breath on that one, but there are some good looking changes.

On the beer front, I decided not to take the BJCP exam last week, as I wanted to watch the Red Wings game and I didn't feel I was totally prepared for the tough exam. I'll take it the next time it is given, though. I did visit twelve breweries in one day, on the 14th of this month, though! The pic at top is just one of the photos taken during this trip. It was taken at Ann Arbor's Grizzly Peak. We wanted to visit twenty breweries but a pint at each one just proved to be too much for my delicate beer drinking abilities.

So many breweries, so little time!


camojack said...

Come on, football season!

Ski said...

hey i was wondering if you could help me out, im trying to find a company or organization that would organize a beer contest for the Renaissance Festival. I cant seem to find any solid leads on who would be interested. if you have some info it would be much appreciated and if the lead is really good ill hook you up with some tickets to the festival. thanks

MI Resident said...

Saw your comments about LSJ and the Employee database over at Chet Zarko's blog... I totally agree with you! I've written a few posts of my own, over at

People just don't get why the employee's are so upset!!!

Beerme said...

MI resident,

I am not upset about the LSJ publishing this info. I agree with Chetly that this is the price of serving the taxpayers of this state.

What I am upset about is the campaign to balance the state budget on the backs of the rank and file state workers. Especially when it is being pursued by the very politicians that couldn't manage to keep that budget from ballooning out of control, while accepting automatic pay raises of as much as 37% in recent years.

Cut the congress's pay. Make them part-time. Keep term limits. Cut their staff to the needed minimum. Stop all gifting, junkets and free travel to "conferences". Make th3em do this job as a service, while maintaining their own private sector career.

Then you can talk to me about a three percent pay raise over a five year period, that doesn't even come close to keeping up to cost of living increases.