Friday, December 30, 2005

I don't make beer like this

Apparently Kopi Luwak coffee beans are all the rage among the rich these days. These coffee beans are imported from Indonesia and cost upwards of $175/pound! They must be very good, eh? Well wait until you find out how they are harvested. Apparently there are some palm civets in the country, small, house-cat-sized nocturnal tree climbers, and they just love to eat the coffee berries. After they eat the fruit, the seed (bean) falls to the jungle floor with, poop and they are harvested there, roasted and packaged for rich Americans to show off to their poor Jamaican Blue Mountain drinking friends.

Now if I can just figure a way to make money like this from the road apples I make, I'll finally be able to live at the standard to which I want to grow accustomed.


Hawkeye® said...

I'm still working on a plan to sell snow in the winter time... haven't yet quite made a profit.

Beerme said...


I might have bought some on Christmas, as it was melting pretty fast here at that time...