Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Tis the Reason for the Treason...

It's no secret. The Democrats, at least the strategists and pundits who don't have to worry about getting elected, are fully admitting it. The Democrat strategy to win some seats back in congress includes, as it's centerpiece, playing politics with the Iraq war.

Oh, you'll hear the actual politicians denying it, saying it's patriotic to disagree with the president and to voice that disagreement. You'll also hear them saying they aren't crtiticizing the troops, just the administration (We support our military but disagree with it's mission). Come now. Isn't that excuse a little like the rap adage, "Don't hate the playa, hate the game"? In other words, an immoral act committed by a person in an immoral contest should be considered...moral? Yeah, that's kinda like the reasoning used by these politicians.

The reason for all of this treason-yes, treason-is no more important than gaining a seat or two in the legislature. For this the majority of the Democrat party is willing to endanger our position in the world, encourage terrorists, embarrass the country and denigrate and endanger our military.

For a quick primer on the tawdriness of this "strategy", one needs to look no further than the Democrat response to Joe Lieberman's favorable evaluation of the war effort and encouragement to our troops to stay the course. Singled out by DNC chairman Dean as perhaps the only dissenter in the ranks. See also the admittedly partisan political purpose behind this constant carping about a war these people voted FOR.

Politics is certainly not an honorable profession, but this type of behavior is shameful even for a politician.

here is the source for this rant.


camojack said...

As I've said before, it's a shame that so many people allow themselves to be led around by these types and the outdated (formerly known as "mainstream") media that supports their agenda.

MargeinMI said...

Poor Joe. I've felt sorry for him ever since Gore GORED him in the back by endorsing Jf'nK in the primaries. He's a Zell Miller Democrat, a lone lost sheep in his party of wolves. C'mon over to the other side of the aisle Joe. There's a lot of respect for you here!

Beerme said...

It doesn't take a genius (even one on da net) to know Lieberman's talking sense, does it?

Why can't the public recognize partisan political wrangling when they see it?


camojack said...

That's the problem though, so many people are too intellectually lazy to think for themselves; they have the ability, but not the they fall for whatever pablum they're spoon fed.

Maggie said...

The political season is the reason for the treason.

heybeerman said...

The democrats are playing politics. So what. Both sides do it. But I think they've shot themselves in the foot here as they have now given the Reeps some bullets.

"For this the majority of the Democrat party is willing to endanger our position in the world, encourage terrorists, embarrass the country and denigrate and endanger our military"

Endanger our position in the world? In what way? Last I looked there were far fewer terrorists in Iraq then before we invaded it.

Encourage Terrorists? Let's see, secret torture camps, Abu Ghraib, "Bring it on". Hmm, you must mean the Republicans.

Embarrass the country? Bush does it every day. Oops, no WMD? Who would of guess that? I mean Bushdidn't cherry pick the intel now did he? This president is a complete embarassment.

denigrate and endanger our military? Didn't Shinseki say we needed hundreds of thousands of troops and was "retired" because of it? Didn't Rummy say that "You go to war with the army you have" when the troops were begging for sufficient armor for their Humvees? How about stirring up a nest of terrorists in Iraq?

Now I don't believe we should cut and run, but I do believe we ought to bury BushCo for lying to us about why we went there in the first place. You can't tell me that congress saw all the intel. BushCo showed them what they wanted. Now I would be OK with that if there was really good reason to go over there.

Last thought. The Neo-Cons have to go, their agenda hurts America. Problem is the Democrats have no clue right now. I would like to see a centrist government run by the Dems (just to make sure all the bogies are swept out of the White House), unless it's McCain, who I would vote for.

Hows the brewing going?

Beerme said...


Thanks for visiting!

First, I want to say that I don't want to take this post and use it to re-hash reasons for going to war in Iraq or to defend Bush and his administration for everything they've done since the war started. This column was really just about this sudden forgetfulness on the part of a small cadre of leftist Democrats that think they can take over the perty. They have orchestrated a plot to call the troops home in the middle of the Iraqi insurgency and done so by using a hero to deliver their message. This was as sorry and as blatant a partisan political ploy as any I can remember (and I don't misremember those launched by Republicans).

Still, I want to adress the "fact" that Bush misled the public in the run-up to war. Virtually the only pieces of intel Bush had that congress didn't have in the run-up to war were the PDBs (Presidential Daily Briefings). It has been stated by many who saw these briefings that they were at least as onerously alarmist in their assessments of Iraq's capabilities as any of the intel the congress received. The plain fact is that all of the intel indicated that Iraq was dangerous, had WMDs and was intent on using htem. All your favorite libs said virtually the same things about Saddaam as Bush, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As for a good reason to go, you need look no further than the events occurring in Iraq today. As a great majority of Iraqis cast votes for a new government, can anyone say that the events of the past three years have not effected some positive changes? Imagine, if you will, the creation of a democratic government in the middle east that will help to spread freedom and drag the rest of the region into the 21st century! This was and is the dream of the neocons. I share that dream for the safety and stability of the rest of the world.

I was NOT in favor of using our troops to effect this change, however, and am in general against most foreign entanglements. Now that we are there (and, well, we are...)we need to win the peace and help the country stand firmly on it's own. Saying our troops are terrorizing Iraqis in the middle of the night(Kerry), saying that we cannot win this thing(Dean, Murtha) and saying that our president lied to the public and that this is an illegal war (Pelosi, Durbin and Reid) is not just counterproductive at this point, it is treasonous.

It puts our troops in danger because it emboldens the enemy, it makes us look like criminals on the world stage because we stacked a few of the detainees in naked pyramids (wrong but certainly not torture or the beheading of innocents as the enemy is won't to do) and it encourages further the Islamists across the globe who want nothing more than to enslave the populations of the world as they enslaved the people of Afghanistan.

As for the beer, I made a beautidul wheat ale in October that I split into two halves and treated one with Thai spices to make a tart but refreshing Lemon Grass and Tamarind Wheat Ale. I will be submitting this beer to some contests this year. Stay tuned for any accolades received (I might report any medals won, against my humble nature). I may make an Irish Red Ale next weekend with a little dab of Rye Malt for a twist. If not next weekend, definitely the weekend after.

I don't know if you're old enough to remember the Vietnam conflict but as leftists are fond of calling this war a quagmire like Vietnam (another war we probably shouldn't have been in), I see many similarities as well. In Vietnam we saw many of our soldiers killed by a determined enemy and the will of the people to continue that fight was weakened by leftists and the media who said it was wrong to be there and told tales of our soldiers committing atrocities against the innocent Vietnamese. When we left Vietnam to the communists, not only did we set back the downfall of a terrible institition of slavery and oppression in that area of the world, but we saw the winners and their allies kill hundreds of thousands of people in the aftermath and steal their property. This bloodbath was a direct result of our abandoning the area. North Vietnamese generals stated after the war that the war would probably have been won by the Americans in another year or so as they were all tuckered out and economically unable to continue. They were astounded that we did what we did when we were actually winning.

I don't want the same thing to happen in Iraq. It would waste the lives of the patriots who fought for what is right for the Iraqi people and ultimately world peace and stability. Let's agree to talk about this in five or six years and see who was right, eh? Perhaps over a beer?

Libby Gone™ said...

I will keep it short and sweet. Everything Heybeerman said is anguscrap.
thank you,

Beerme said...

Well Libby, SOMEBODY had to keep it short and sweet and it sure wasn't me!
Is that anguscrap referring to the poster angus or just the bull?

Hawkeye® said...

Sorry it took me so long to get here, but I'm glad I stopped by. REALLY good stuff! Like Libby, I think I smell some crap, but hey... we can't all agree about everything.

Joe Lieberman is a great guy in many respects and deserves KUDOs for his patriotic, pro-war stance, but let's face it... he's posturing for 2008. He's running for President NOW, as the only Democrat who seems to be pro-defense. If he wins the nomination, he would be in a good position to continue the War on Terror. Me-thinks however that Joe is so far to the right of the Democratic base, that he will NEVER get the nod.

Too bad... the Democratic party has been hijacked by idiots.


heybeerman said...

Libby gone

It's my opinion. It's your right to not like it. But at least have the courage to write a rebuttal.


The democrats had the planets in line and they blew it. I'll totally agree that it was a total partisan maneuver and I disagree with it. Just like I disagree with the Terror Alert system being abused by the Reeps in the 2004 electionseverytime the Dems go some Momo goin. I remember one instance where they specifically named buildings in NYC and Laura Bush showed up in one of them the next day.... oops! Both sides are scum, just sayin..

We can go over the intel on Iraq until we are blue in the face. You'll see one thing and I'll see another. Invading Iraq was part of the agenda before 9/11, which just turned out to be the excuse not the reason. In the long run maybe taking Sadaam out was the right thing to do, but I sure smell "angus crap" with the administration's reasonings.

I think it's great that you have justified the invasion of Iraq and the establishment of a democracy there. I don't think it's going to work, but if it does, great. At least we agree that we shouldn't have been the one to do it. I agree that we can't cut and run. Kerry is a schmuck, Dean is a looney and I don't know what to say about Murtha. Maybe they showed him some compromising photos of him or something.

It really is an illegal war in my mind. The intel was cherry picked, I just refuse to believe that everyone is that stupid. Why did Tenet get a medal if the intel he served up was so bad? Why? Because he did his job and was complicit. They wanted this war.

I would love to do some beer tasting. I have a local brewery in my small town and I can't get enough.

I'm 43 and don't remeber much of Vietnam. What you're saying about abandoning Iraq has already happened. Bush Sr. did not finish the job the 1st time and thousands of our "allies" who were ready to step in were ruthlessly killed by Sadaam. I agree, let's not muck it up the second time.

I fully believe that the country is run by big money and that both parties are just a smoke screen to cover the real agenda which is basically allowing the rich to get richer. That means Big Oil, Haliburton, Grumman, Northrup, etc. Thats why I'm so PO'd, I'm not one of 'em.

Happy Holidays

Beerme said...


I guess there is one thing we can agree on: politicians of all stripes are out to screw us and increase their own power! And we know that power means money, so of course it is the rich that wield it. Of course that is nothing new.

Ask yourself why a person would raise millions of dollars in campaign donations to win a job that pays a salary of 100K for six years. It just doesn't make fiscal sense, does it? Must be some hidden perks in there somewhere, eh?

I live in Michigan and we have a growing and excellent microbrewery scene here in the Great Lakes State. Whenever possible, when I'm not drinking homebrew, I try to buy Michigan beer. In what state do you live? What breweries are near you?

Thanks for a reasoned response. As you said we probably won't agree on the lead-up intel to war but we might agree on more than either of us think. It is reason and respectful discussion that moves understanding. If we keep in mind that we are, all of us, much more alike than different, it helps to get past the niggling disagreements.

heybeerman said...


I very much respect what you post and your point of views. I don't like all the liberal/neo-con hatred. I'm somewhere in the middle. As I've toned down the partying and started to raise a family, I've become much more politically aware and the whole thing disgusts me. I think you'll find I agree with alot of the Republican point of views. I have voted that way in the past.

I from the south side of Chicago, Flossmoor IL to be exact and I can be found in the Flossmoor Station brewery at least once a week. I frequent Michigan and have alot of family near Kalamazoo. I spend alot of time up that way golfing and visiting vineyards and Breweries.

My brother in law may know camojack as he drives a Harley and hangs out with that crowd.

What part of Michigan are you from? I'd meet you in a brewery sometime...

Beerme said...


I am currently living in the Thumb area. Lapeer, Michigan, to be exact. If you frequent Kzoo, you should visit the Kalamazoo Brewing company, Bell's Beer is made there and it is very special. I have a few micros/brewpubs near my home. Redwood Lodge is in the Flint area, Big Bucks is in the Pontiac area as is Bo's and a few others. My homebrew club meets at Rochester Mills Brewpub in Rochester Hills, a good choice anytime.

I'd be happy to meet for a beer at a brewery of your choice.

Here is a neat googlemap of beer-related sites in the world:

heybeerman said...


I have been to the Kazoo Brewery a couple of times and have sampled Bell's many times. Oberon is a big hit in Chicago in the summer time.

I don't make it up to the thumb much so it might be tough for us to hook up.

Beerme said...

I think they officially changed the name to Bell's Brewery, now.

Ya know, I have been known to drive halfway across the state to drink an expedition stout...